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8W Collets


8W collets (Hardinge's designation is 8WN) are Wade's own proprietary size.  Their head angle and body diameter dimensions are identical to the popular Hardinge/Cataract 5C collet, but body length and thread dimensions are different- the 8W is longer and uses a buttress thread form.   Dimensions for both sizes are listed in the chart below (dimensions in inches).




Body Diameter (A) Body Length (B) Thread Dimension (C)
5C (Cataract No. 5) 1.250 3.281 1.245-20 RH
8WN (Wade American No. 8) 1.250 3.875 1.245-16 RH Buttress



   The only sources I know of for new 8W collets are Wade and Hardinge.  You will want to be sitting down when you ask Hardinge for their prices, as the 8W is a non-stock item and is custom made to order.  Last I checked, round collets were $190 each, and hex and square sizes were $242 each.  You can see the sizes they offer online at

Wade no longer makes 8W collets, but has an inventory of new and used collets for sale.  Call them at 617-884-2000 (leave a message and your call will be returned), or visit their website at  Prices are based on quantity ordered and condition.

Other sources of 8W collets include machinery dealers and eBay.  A number of the Wade Model 94 second-op lathes used 8W collets along with the 8A, so they turn up fairly regularly.  

I have some collets listed for sale in the classified section of this site- click here to view the classified ads page.  


If you aren't concerned with preserving the originality of your 8A, or if your lathe did not come with a drawbar or collets, it is not difficult to modify the lathe to use 5C spindle tooling.  A new drawbar with the correct threads will have to be made or purchased, and the spindle will have to be relieved slightly in the area where the drawbar meets the collet.  A fair number of the 8A lathes I have seen have been modified in this way.




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