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Patents Granted to the Wade Tool Company



Thanks to Google's new US Patent search feature, I have been able to locate four patents granted to the Wade Tool Company.  All four were invented by Floyd L. Dodge.  Initally, I didn't know anything about this man, but the fact that he assigned all four patents to the company suggested that he was probably an employee.  In addition to the four Wade patents listed below,  Dodge also holds a patent for a  Spacing Mechanism for Line-Up and Register Tables, which he assigned to The Craftsman Line-Up Table Corporation, also of Waltham, Massachusetts.

After I created this page, I received this email from Mark Dodge, the son of Floyd L. Dodge:


"Just looked at your website- my nephew had sent me a link regarding the patents.  You mentioned you didn't know who Floyd L. Dodge was, but I surely do. He was my father.  He designed the Wade Models  #73 , #94 and #98, as well as the line up table mechanisms mentioned in the patent. In addition, he redesigned the Wade profiler . He bought the Wade Tool Co. along with two others around 1960 . The two others were Clive Warren and Fred Stebbins, whom my dad subsequently bought out in the early sixties. I remember Stanley Wade ( Walter Wade's son) who would come down from New Hampshire periodically to get payments for the company. He would always bring his Road and Track magazine and give it to my dad. ( and me). Wade Tool Company actually made the line up tables for Craftsman Line Up Table Co. which consisted of one man - George Charnock, and his secretary. George had a small office upstairs at 49 River Street.
I will be happy to correspond with more history and stories- you have done an excellent job of preserving the history of this company.
Mark Dodge"



Each heading below is a link to Google's patent page.






US Patent 2,448,423    Patented August 31st, 1948




US Patent 2,539,235    Patented January 23rd, 1951




US Patent 2,578,642    Patented December 11th, 1951




US Patent 2,814,959    Patented December 3rd, 1957








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